1.  August Wilson Competition:
    LeAp Student Wins

    MONOLOGUE COMPETITION: On Monday, May 2015, three LeAp students in LeAp’s August Wilson program participated in the National August Wilson Monologue Competition held at the August Wilson Theater on Broadway. Jonathan German (12th grader) from Repertory Company High School for the Theatre Arts placed third in the nationals, winning a scholarship to Point Park University and $1,000 from the August Wilson Monologue Competition and Delta Air Lines. Darleny Suriel(12th grader) of Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts and Mario Escobar (9th grader) of Marta Valle High School also competed in the competition.
    Students from eight cities across the nation presented monologues before a panel of distinguished judges, including Crystal Dickinson, Brandon Dirden, David Gallo, and Pauletta Washington.
    Click here for more information on the August Wilson Program

    Final Performance

    LEAP ONSTAGE FINAL PERFORMANCE: Students from 10 NYC public schools, whose plays will be published by renowned publisher Samuel French, showcased their original plays and performed them at the Pearl Theatre as part of the LeAp OnStage program. LeAp OnStage, created by Learning through an Expanded Arts Program (LeAp), immerses 500 underserved and culturally isolated public school students in an interactive and comprehensive theater program. Since 2006, LeAp OnStage has transformed the lives of over 4,000 inner-city middle school and high school students, by inspiring youth to actively engage with the arts and opening up college and career opportunities in theater.
    EVENTLeAp’s Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs program is a unique entrepreneurial program serving up to 1,500 elementary and middle school students in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx---inspiring students to dream big and create innovative, products, apps and business concepts.  This event was the culmination of the program and featured selected students from each of 12 schools who pitched their entrepreneurial projects to industry professional and potential investors and received advice on next steps for their business ventures. From “safe cups” (a cup with a temperature sensor to warn if liquid is too hot) to a “counting purse” (purse that counts how much money is in it), students presented their inspiring, useful and imaginative inventions.

    Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Event

  2. 13th ANNUAL ART SHOW: 
    Hosted by Citi

    CITI ART SHOW: On October 16th, 2014, Learning through an Expanded Arts Program (LeAp) and Citi honored the young artists whose works are currently on display in LeAp’s 13th Annual Student Art Exhibition with certificates and a Milk & Cookies Opening Reception. The exhibition is hosted by Citi and will run through early January. The exhibition is free and open to the public weekdays from 7am to 7pm.
    The exhibition features works by students in kindergarten through 6th grade who participated in LeAp’s Active Learning Leads to Literacy (ALLL) program and in LeAp’s Summer Quest program—a model initiative selected by the NYCDOE that uses the arts to teach the academics and address summer learning loss.

    First Graders in Central Park

    New Afterschool Programs

    Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the expansion of afterschool programs to include all middle schools citywide. As part of this initiative, the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development has awarded major grants to LeAp to expand programming to four additional school sites to run major afterschool programs. LeAp will be reaching students in the Bronx at J.H.S. 125 and M.S. 129, along with students at M.S. 51 and M.S. 88 in Brooklyn. We look forward to meeting our new students at the start of the new school year this September!
    For over 30 years, LeAp has been providing afterschool programs to NYC public school students. LeAp’s afterschool programs have been recognized locally and nationally, and all classes include arts and educational hands-on activities for students.
    ALLL STUDENTS BIRD-WATCHING ADVENTURE: First-grade students from PS 1X in the Bronx are heading off to Central Park to go birding on May 20 as part of LeAp’s Active Learning Leads to Literacy program for kindergarten to second grade ( ALLL K-2 ), a proven, effective, hands-on approach to teaching literacy through the arts.
    This nature adventure seeks to help students advance their literacy skills, including science skills such as observation and classification and social studies skills such as understanding geography. The ALLL K-2 birds unit incorporates hands-on strategies which further reinforce phonics, vocabulary development, reading comprehension and writing skills.
  3. TE NEWS:
    Sonia Sotomayor

    TOMORROW'S ENTREPRENER STUDENTS MEET SOTOMAYOR: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor takes a moment to celebrate four M.S. 22 LeAp Summer Camp (SONYC) NYC Department of Design and Construction Young Engineers at the Bronx Children Museum's sixth annual summer-long "Dream Big" initiative honoring African American musician and educator Dr. Valerie Capers. DDC Young Engineers were invited by DDC Deputy Commissioner Lee Llambelis pictured far left. Pictured 2nd from the right is long-time M.S. 22 LeAp Afterschool Program Director Monique Jarvis. LeAp at M.S. 22 continues to provide award-winning programming to youth living in the South Bronx. 

    Largest Student Exhibit in NYC Parks History

    Huge Success:
    LeAp's Summer Quest '15

    LEAP'S MODEL SUMMER QUEST PROGRAM: LeAp's fourth year of its model Summer Quest Program was a great success! This NYCDOE-funded initiative utilizes innovate learning strategies and projects in order to prevent summer learning loss. Once again this summer, students were engaged in activities including exploring forests and looking for wild food sources, and learning about immigrants in Jackson Heights, Chinatown, and Ellis Island, to visiting the Dyckman Farmouse to look for ghosts. All activities addressed the academic curriculum in math, science, history, reading and writing. 
    Click here for our Photo Gallery. 
    LAST CHANCE: HISTORIC CITYWIDE PARKS EXHIBITION! Before summer's end, please head to the parks to support NYC students as they speak out on police brutality, gun violence, gay rights, child neglect, racism, animal abuse, environment, family, and health through a citywide 10-park exhibition. Students have transformed cafeteria tables into beautiful, meaningful and powerful issue-based works of art on display through the five boroughs through August. Click here for details of LeAp's Public Art Program.
  4. LeAp:
    Back to School!

    BACK TO SCHOOL: Since 1977, LeAp has served over two million students and is excited to begin its 38th year partnering with NYC public schools. Now with hundreds of music, dance, film, theater and visual arts programs that all address the academic curriculum and align with the Common Core Curriculum and STEM initiatives. LeAp's seasoned Teaching Artists will be preparing to work with thousands of NYC public students, teachers, and parents throughout the five boroughs.
    Please click here to view our 2014-2015 program catalogue.  

    Five Highlighted Programs

    The A-B-Cs of LeAp

    LEAP'S SIGNATURE PROGRAMS: LeAp works in schools in all five boroughs of NYC. LeAp adapts its hands-on, arts-based activities to the specific learning style of every student. 

    In this video, you can see five signature programs that LeAp offers:
    Click here to see our video gallery
    ACADEMICS THOUGH THE ARTS: LeAp has hundreds of programs with music, dance, visual arts, drama, and film. 
    In this video, made by our creative LeAp intern, you can see the extensive list of subjects students can learn through LeAp's creative teaching methods. 
    From teaching Ancient Egypt to Orinthology to Zoology, our programs help students reach their full potential. 
    Click here to see the full list of programs in our catalog .
    PDs in full swing

    LeAp Afterschool:

    LeAp's seven Afterschool Sites are bustling with activity! From engineering projects to computer game design, LeAp's Afterschool students are bringing arts and academics together in surprising ways each day. 
    LeAp's seven Afterschool sites:
    J.H.S. 22X (SONYC)
    P.S. 129X (SONYC)
    P.S. 228X (SONYC)

    P.S. 125X (SONYC)
    M.S. 88K (SONYC)
    P.S. 51K (SONYC)
    P.S. 163M
    Click here to learn more about what's happening at our sites!
    In addition to LeAp's six Afterschool sites, LeAp teaching artists work in Afterschool programs in many schools citywide.

    ALLL Literacy Program:
    A New Year

    ALLL PROGRAM IN FULL SWING: LeAp's ALLL PreK-8 Program (Active Learning Leads to Literacy) has begun in schools all across NYC, using multi-sensory and arts-based teaching strategies involving music, drama, visual art, dance, cooking, technology, and games to successfully teach literacy, creative-thinking, and problem-solving skills. 
    Students learn how to build vocabulary, master parts of speech, drastically improve writing skills, and enhance reading ability. Every year the ALLL students improve their reading levels AND their ELA test scores more than their non-participating peers.
    LeAp's ALLL program has been cited as a model for literacy learning through the arts by the United States Department of Education and the New York City Department of Education. 
    LeAp’s professional development initiatives are underway with classroom teachers citywide in our ALLL Literacy program.
    Not only are teachers learning to implement arts-based, hands-on strategies in their classrooms (through modeling and team teaching), but they are attending comprehensive workshops at New York University to learn new ways to teach reading comprehension, build vocabulary, and master grammatical structure. 
    From “Adverb Charades” and "Alphabet Hopscotch” to “Website Design” and “Doughnut Hole Objectives”, teachers are discovering innovative techniques in music, dance, theater, visual art, and cooking to literacy.
    Besides the ALLL Literacy program, LeAp works with teachers citywide, offering hundreds of professional development workshops that address the math, science, social studies and ELA curricula using arts-based strategies.
    To view about the quantitative data on the effectiveness of our ALLL programs, click here. 
    “I am inspired by the extraordinary achievements of co-founders Ila Lane Gross and Alice Krieger, and am excited to build on their accomplishments to advance the organization’s mission, deliver great programs, and lead LeAp into its next phase of impact.”
    Rich has 14 years of leadership experience in the nonprofit sector providing youth and families, in New York City’s most underserved communities, with high quality education and enrichment programs. Prior to joining LeAp, Rich was the Chief Operating Officer of Harlem RBI and DREAM Charter School, a community-based organization and school serving over 2,000 young people from pre-K to college. Rich also served as Executive Director of New Heights Youth, an organization that offers year-round educational and sports programs to young people in New York City.  To read more, check out our  Staff Page

    Richard Souto

    38 Years of Leadership

    After 38 years, Co-Founders Ila Lane Gross and Alice Krieger have stepped down from their posts as Executive DirectorS of LeAp, passing the torch of leadership on to LeAp’s new Executive Director Richard Souto. They will continue to work with LeAp as program consultants.
    Over the years, Ila and Alice grew LeAp from a small nonprofit working in four schools in 1977 to today’s nationally recognized arts education nonprofit that has served over two million NYC public school students citywide. Their vision and leadership has resulted in diverse and rich arts-based academic programs that continue to touch the lives of students, teacher and parents each year.  

    Citywide Student Art Exhibit

    LeAp's 14th Annual Student Art show runs through January at the Citigroup Building Atrium in Long
    Island City, Queens. 
    Students from all over New York City were featured in the show:

    209Q Clearview Gardens

    229X Dr. Roland N. Patterson School
    69X The Journey Prep School
    218X The Rafael Hernandez Dual Language Magnet School
    132X Garret A. Morgan
    14X Senator John Calandra

    229K Dyker
    195K Manhattan Beach

    34M Franklin D Roosevelt School

    WATCH NY1 feature on the exhibit. 
    Check out the gallery of photos from the event.