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Announcing our new mission and vision.

Following an invigorating journey of reflection, growth, and alignment, LEAP proudly unveils its new mission and vision statements, crystallizing our unwavering commitment to New York City's youth and the vital role of arts education. Our renewed mission is deeply rooted in the assets and aspirations of our young people and our vision aims to elevate access, equity, and the transformative impact of our programs and our partnerships with school communities. Together, these statements herald a new chapter in our now 47 year history of offering the arts to inspire the next generation of innovative leaders.


We believe in the Power of Art.


LEAP partners with school communities to offer creative arts programs that encourage New York City youth to pursue their passions, develop their strengths, and amplify their voices.


We envision a city where education is equitable, and the arts are accessible for youth in communities that are rich in culture and capability and have been intentionally and unintentionally excluded and under-resourced. Youth in our communities will be the next generation of lifelong learners, creative problem solvers, and collaborative leaders.

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