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High school students learn collaboration skills through rehearsals of their classmates’ original plays, middle schools students speak out about questions of social justice in their own communities through public art, and elementary school students create inventions and social ventures that solve pressing community problems. We are committed to inspiring diverse school communities to be more engaged in learning. But we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our generous partners and volunteers!


Corporate Partnerships

LEAP is supported by numerous New York City-based companies. Sponsorship opportunities include underwriting a school, sponsorship of a culminating event, or co-presentation of a creative program. We offer customized engagement experiences for our corporate partners throughout the year. To discuss a partnership, please contact Alexandra Constas, Manager of Advancement, at 212-769-4160 ext. 106.



Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year. From participating in a guest visit in a classroom to serving as an esteemed judge at our Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Student Innovation fair, your donated time and effort will make a difference. We would like to ensure that your experience of volunteering is as meaningful to you as it is our students! Please reach out to learn more.


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