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Young Professionals Network

Love the arts, education, and quirky events? Join LEAP YP and develop your skills and network with other purpose-driven professionals.

LEAP YP brings together young professionals from across industries and backgrounds to empower LEAP to scale its programs and serve more NYC students who deserve access to quality arts education. We do so through:

  1. Planning creative events that raise funds for LEAP and build awareness of our programs

  2. Connecting young professionals to LEAP's programming, from bringing volunteers to LEAP's flagship events to sourcing talent for pro bono projects

  3. Developing a community of diverse professionals, including LEAP alumni, to lead the next generation of arts education nonprofits

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LEAP Alumni

Did you participate in a LEAP Program at your school? If so, you're a LEAP Alum! Join the LEAP Alumni Network and LEAP YP for free! Email us and we'll set you up.




Want to take your involvement to the next level? Join our leadership committee, plan LEAP YP initiatives, and help LEAP YP scale our impact! Meet the LEAP YP Board.


Check out our past events!

Adult Prom

Color Me Wine

LEAP On The Mic

Want to join the LEAP YP Network?

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