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 Arts Residencies

LEAP's arts-based residencies expand creative thinking and support positive behavior through student-centered art making and social skill-building activities integrated into classroom academics. Teaching artists and program staff work closely with school leaders and community stakeholders to build "the 4 C's" by broadening the spectrum of creative awareness in young people, strengthening communication skills and self-expression, enhancing literacy, supporting social emotional competencies, and encouraging teamwork.


Our teaching artists partner with classroom teachers to not only provide high-quality arts based learning but also to empower classroom teachers and equip them with the skills needed to continue to use the arts to teach their core curriculum and access all learners.

Each LEAP residency consists of:

  • collaborative planning to facilitate seamless arts and academic integration

  • team teaching with LEAP teaching artists and classroom teachers

  • a culminating student showcase, gallery, or community presentation


Arts Residencies at LEAP are designed to go above and beyond supporting the core curriculum. We cultivate artistic thinking strategies and skills, provide a safe environment for social emotional competencies, facilitate Professional Development through collaborative planning and team building, and access all types of learners, including English Language Learners and Special Education students. All of our programs are delivered with an eye to creating well-rounded young people who have the necessary skills to thrive in the 21st century. Interested in getting to know more about our arts residencies? Get in touch or see some of our programs in action

Kids in our LEAP Literacy program, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a model for successful teaching,  use drama, visual arts, music, and movement to improve emerging and young readers literacy. 

Our Public Art Program uses a unique social justice framework to empower middle and high school students to develop a critical voice, and engage their communities in dialogue on contemporary social issues through the creation and public exhibition of art. 


Get in touch to bring our programs to your school!

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