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Amplifying Youth Voices: A LEAP Year 2024 Virtual Showcase of Student Artistry

As we celebrate five decades of championing arts education for New York City youth, we're thrilled to highlight the extraordinary range of student creativity through our expanded digital art gallery, now featuring photography and a wide variety of visual arts mediums from across our comprehensive programming landscape;  afterschool, in-school residencies , Family Engagement Workshops, and more! 


At the heart of our renewed mission and vision is the belief that art is a powerful tool for transformational development and change. Our programming, while broad and diverse, shares a common goal: to inspire youth to pursue their passions, develop their strengths and amplify their voices. 


In marking LEAP Year 2024, we commemorate a milestone anniversary and celebrate the evolution of our commitment to creating an equitable educational landscape where the arts serve as a cornerstone for youth development. Our vision—a city where the arts are accessible to all, especially those in culturally rich yet under-resourced communities—guides our mission. We strive to dismantle barriers to arts education, fostering an environment where the next generation can flourish as lifelong learners, creative problem solvers, and collaborative leaders. 

Join us in this pivotal year as we showcase student work that embodies our collective aspirations for a more inclusive, vibrant, and artistically enriched future. Your support can help us turn this vision into a reality, empowering every student to achieve their fullest potential. 

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Flip through our digital zine to check out student artwork and quotes about the social justice issues they're passionate about.

Use the arrows to navigate the zine!

There's more art this way! Click the images above to see all the artwork.

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