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Custom Residencies

Our Custom Residency programs are created through partnerships between classroom teachers and our professional teaching artists. School partners determine which of the academic subjects they would like to integrate with the arts, and LEAP provides an expert teaching artist to create an original lesson plan uniting the two subject matters.

We can integrate any of the core academic subjects with one of the following five arts disciplines:


The Visual Arts use imagination, observation, and hands-on invention to explore two and three dimensional media. Residencies explore a wide array of forms, including painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, and sculpture.


Theater is based in the art of storytelling. From playwriting and acting to technical set design, theater examines the world through character, conflict, and action.


Dance is a kinesthetic art form where learning takes place in the body. Technique is built through an exploration of steps, patterns, sequencing, creative movement, improvisation, choreography, and performance. Dance styles range from ballet, to hip-hop, to Latin dance.


Music uses instruments and voice to explore rhythm, pitch, and vibrations. Through performance, composition, and cultural connections, musical study explores the power of organized sound.


New Media Arts refers to all artwork created with digital technology, including graphic design, filmmaking, animation, and digital photography.


"We made graphic novels to visually explore society's relationship with technology through Frankenstein, the book."

"My students connected arts with our classwork and learned about evolution and the continuity of life by painting murals inspired by the evolving world around them."

Classroom Teacher

LEAP Teaching Artist


Get in touch to create a customized residency for your students!

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