LEAP Artists LIVE!

Professional performing artists with a background in creative youth development provide touring performances to foster personal connections to the arts. Young audiences and communities have the opportunity to experience the excitement of live performance in multiple art forms. The in-school performances link to the classroom by bringing learning to the stage and sparking constructive conversation and social awareness.

All LEAP Artists LIVE! performances include the following elements:
● Anti-Bullying
● History
● Differentiated Learning: Theater, Music, Dance, Visual Arts

● Youth Perspective


This year, LEAP Artists LIVE! will tour The Movement and Southern Boys, both original works composed by Kathy D. Harrison.


The Movement is an acapella musical that uses narratives, harmonious singing, rhythmic movement, and historical photographic images to tell untold stories from the perspective of the young people in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963 who marched against racial injustice, helping to change the face of history.


Southern Boys takes you on a musical journey through the Mississippi Delta during the late 19th century and follows the story of first generation, born-free Americans. Through narrative storytelling scenes and blues songs, this coming of age story portrays the complexities of life that sharecroppers faced, and centers on Johnny, a sharecropper, who has dreams of moving north and makes a pact to leave for Chicago to find a life beyond the southern fields.

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