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 Afterschool Programs

In the afterschool space, LEAP offers sustained participation in a particular discipline–including dance, theater, visual arts, among others–while continuing to build learning skills in "the four C's." We address community issues through artistic expression, collaboratively produce arts performances, and so much more. 

Our afterschool programs currently serve nearly 2,000 elementary and middle school students across 28 schools in New York City. Five days a week throughout the school year, we support nearly 200 Teaching Artists from all artistic disciplines who use the power of the arts to build the critical skills that kids need to be successful in the modern world. Students in our afterschool program work collaboratively to learn rhythm and harmonize when they play guitar; they think critically about our shared history when they perform pieces memorializing and honoring the kids of the Civil Rights Movement; they're introduced to science, technology, engineering, art, and math through creative learning to discover more about the built environment around them. Interested in getting to know more about our afterschool programs? Get in touch or see some of our programs in action

LEAP Afterschool partners with NYC's Department of Design and Construction to use creative and hands-on learning to introduce young people to careers in the STEAM field. 

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Get in touch to bring our programs to your school!

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